Man gets huge Stella Artois tattoo on back of his head after refusing to shirk a dare

A man got the logo of his favourite beer emblazoned on the back of his head after refusing to dodge a dare.

Connor Davidson says he couldn’t shirk the Stella Artois challenge after a boozy couple of hours with his pals.

As they were drinking, one of his friends went online and came across a design of the Belgian brew – and bet he wouldn’t agree to get it tattooed on the hairless part of his head.

Determined Connor quickly agreed and was inked just a few weeks later – but he says he has had the last laugh, finding fame on TikTok.

He has racked up 2.3million views and counting – and says he doesn’t regret diving in on the dare despite his family’s misgivings.

But it’s not all online positivity in the comments section.

He has been dubbed “EDL final boss” and “wife-beater” – the drink’s nickname the company have been desperately trying to shake for years.

The bloke reckons his clips usually get only around 500 views but he’s gone viral and says he wouldn’t turn back the clock despite some users telling him he looks “terrible”.

Connor told LADbible : “I was just around my mate’s one day having a few drinks when one of my mates saw the design and he turned around to me and was like, ‘I bet you won’t get this done’ – but when someone dares me, I always do it.

“Normally I put everything on TikTok, and it never happens. I put this up, and it’s only a tattoo and well, and I thought, ‘how the hell has this just blown up?’

“All my friends like it, my family’s not keen on it but it’s there now.”

The man, who says he got his first tattoo when he was 14, says he shrugs off the the stick he’s been getting and others have been supportive of the future tattoo artist.

He got plenty of supporter from other TikTok users.

“Spot on our kid, see you in the local for a few,” said one while another told him: “that’s quality mate, should be proud.”

A third wrote: “I don’t care what anyone says but this is incredible.”

But he isn’t the only person to get one of his big passions inked on his body, of course.

A supermarket worker at Asda said she loves her job so much that she got a tattoo dedicated to the retailer.

Leah, 19, showed off her new ink of a supermarket trolley she got etched onto her wrist.

The proud employee revealed the design in a video on TikTok appearing in a bright green Asda uniform and name tag.

She is seen smiling as she walks through a field in the clip captioned “love you 4eva” and tagging the supermarket giant.

A message across the screen adds: “When you love your job at Asda so much that you make a joke about getting a trolley tattoo but then actually get it.”